Thursday, December 11, 2008

Holiday Math

These past few weeks as I wander the malls aimlessly trying to find the perfect gifts, I am amazed at how much "unconscious" math I've done. I say "unconscious" because I am doing these calculations without even thinking math. All I am thinking about is "How much money will I save on this?" Is it true that when money is involved people somehow pay more attention?

It's interesting how much I've used my understanding of percentages during the holiday season. "Take an extra 30% already reduced price". The best one I have seen that I've seen many people have difficulty with, though is "40% lowest ticketed price PLUS an additional 30% today only". I wonder if the stores are betting on the fact that most people think they are saving a total of 70% off the price? In reality, if you knew how to do the math correctly, you would take 40% off the lowest ticketed price, THEN you take 30% off the new price. You would actually save a little more than 50% not 70% as most would think.

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